Google, Social Media or Email Marketing?

Which to choose from? They are both excellent platforms in their own right however which one best suits your needs? This article is going to explore the realm of internet marketing and in particular Google Marketing (Search Engine Optimization and Adwords), Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.) and Email Marketing … More Google, Social Media or Email Marketing?

The Causality of Time – Conception: book 2 – update

Phew!! I just finished the manuscript for The Causality of Time – Conception book 2. Wow!! That seemed to be a lot of work. You know, I hate typing. I’m going back to Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is much easier. Please check out the book at under Jonnathan Strawthorne. You can read it for … More The Causality of Time – Conception: book 2 – update

The Mind of the Media

So…this is the devolution of our modern media and the consumption of such important headlines. We are on the brink of nuclear war, a global tyrannical world government being shoved down our throats, death and destruction on an unprecendented scale in hotspots throughout the world due to ISIS terrorism and dysfunctional national governments unable to … More The Mind of the Media

The Nineth Planet

What do think? Is there a nineth planet lurking out in the depths of interplanetary space making its way back to the sun to intersect with Earth’s orbit? Type yes if you think this is the case. Following the discovery of the planet Neptune in 1846, there was considerable speculation that another planet might exist … More The Nineth Planet