To Write a Novel – Issue #3

The purpose of this article is to drill down to the nitty-gritty of organizing yourself to write the novel you are dreaming about. I am by no means an accomplished author, but I have gone through the process of self-publishing two books. Most of the time it was a daunting task, and slowly but surely the experience began to sink into the old noggin, and I am now able to move through the processes quickly and easily – thank god.

As mentioned in the previous two articles it takes focus, dedication, and organization. No amount of dreaming will turn your creative aspiration into reality unless you take the steps required that all people in any endeavor must adhere to.  What do I mean? Yes, the tedious, unimaginative task of organizing yourself. This does not mean work schedules or micromanagement techniques. It involves taking your creative juices and putting them in the blender in an organized fashion to come up with a delicious drink/story that is appealing and engaging to the reader.

So…as a recap., the first step is to identify the genre, plot, setting, time period, etc. Second, put together an outline as indicated in issue #2. Third and this is what this issue is all about identifying the principal and tertiary characters that play pivotal roles in the story. Also, if you want more than one storyline you will need to determine the number and types of storylines you will include in the overall plot and how they come to together to either bring the story to an end or create an unexpected twist.

If I may, I will use my story A New World Order, which is a six book series I am currently on to demonstrate visually what I mean.

1.) Genre – Apocalyptic

2.) Plot – Man trying to survive

3.) Setting – Earth, mainly in the USA

4.) Time Period – 2087 A.D.

5.) Outline

  • Title – A New World Order
  • Multiple Storylines – five
  • First and Narrative
  • Time before apocalyptic day – A.D.T. (Apocalyptic Day Time) + or – (-11 days to +12)
  • Character – organized by chapter
  • Character – purpose driven
  • Coalesce – all characters come together at a specific location, Denver, USA
  • An ordinary man from Florida on a quest to Denver to find out what caused the apocalypse.
  • A scientist located in a Denver particle collider two thousand feet underground.
  • A Russian spy assisting the particle physicist working at the Denver collider.
  • An American CIA operative tasked with stopping Russian and Chinese agents from developing nuclear fission.
  • A Catholic priest instituting collaboration between the Catholic Church and Islam to build a particle collider in Saudi Arabia.

I hope this article helps in outlining the process of writing a novel in an organized and timely fashion. In the next section, I will attempt to address character and plot development.



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