The Mind of the Media

So…this is the devolution of our modern media and the consumption of such important headlines. We are on the brink of nuclear war, a global tyrannical world government being shoved down our throats, death and destruction on an unprecendented scale in hotspots throughout the world due to ISIS terrorism and dysfunctional national governments unable to protect their own citizens from transnational companies quite willing to victimize unsuspecting populations and these are the headlines!

They do not make sense as many of the topics for discussion on the mainstream media are of inconsequential subject matter or substantive mindless blather as to numb the mind of any quasi intellectual or thinking person. Here for all to see is the contradictory nature meant to confuse, deflect, misinterpret and out right lie about the facts. This is but a small example of an inconsequential headline of unmitigated nonsense providing proof positive of the mainstream media’s bias and confusing stupidity.

The duplicity of their stupidity is breathe taking! The shallow wrecklessness is fearsome! The deflection is monumentally aweinspiring! The tranquil calm of peaceful ignorance and the blissful minding of other people’s business is a story for weak minded and confused individuals looking for respite from the day to day survival of life but it is not for the informed thinking person willing to lift their head up and look about with a fire in their belly, a longing in their heart and the vagaries of history clearly focused in their mind.

The old saying “…history repeats itself…” is as true today as it was yesterday, decades, centuries and milleniums ago. Are you aware of what is going on today? Do you see the threat? Can you discern the motive?


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