The Ancient Alien Question.

The picture above is a relief of the Assyrian god Enki. During the middle period of Assyrian hedgemony Enki was widely worshipped as the deity of crafts: mischief, water, sea water, lakewater, intelligence and creation.

I am going to use this picture for the second book in the series The Causality of Time. I chose these Assyrian gods as the starting point in the story due to archeology’s ascertion that civilization started with the Akkadians and in Mesapotamia. I find it very interesting; the depictions of these gods with wings seeming to partake in certain rituals.

Worship is an integral part of every society’s social structure. It was not only true 3,000 years ago. Aproximately 75 to 80% of people today believe in a God or gods hence this lends itself to a creation narrative. But what kind of beings were or are these creators? Who are they? And where do they come from?

In the series I attempt to address these questions through fiction with many historical facts inserted into the story. I also attempt to explore the “what ifs” of living forever, never getting old or sick and the psychological rammifications upon the human mind. I also endeavor to provide some rationale for the ufo and abduction phenomenon being experienced today. The underlying issue, though, I am striving to examine is the one of creation verses evolution or conscience verses chaos coalescence. What would the outcome be? What kind of species would an alien be if it had no conscience?

These are the questions I put into the forefront of the story to explore the potential outcome and rammifications of the “what if”. A roller coaster ride of violence, love, struggle and loss witnessed and experienced through the eyes, mind and heart of one man given super natural abilities by supposedly benevolent gods.



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