The Causality of Time Book 2 – Manuscript Update 10272016

The Causality of Time – Book 2 – Manuscript Update

It has been three months since I last updated the what, why and how of book 2 in The Causality of Time series. I am on page 204 as of today. It is slow going due in part to the publishing of book 1 and all the marketing involved with it. Additionally more research is involved in book 2 because of the historical, cosmological and scientific aspects that are weaved into the overall idea and direction. An example of this are the historical characters and the surrounding real battles that were fought in 1155 BC. The Elamite nation fought against the Assyrian and Babylonian peoples to successfully defeat them. I am using this historical fact as part of the underlying story to Talmido’s alliance with Elam and construction of his group’s city state located near the estuary of the Tigris river and the Persian Gulf (originally called the sea above the land of Akkad).

 Possible candidate cover for book 2

Enki Assyrian God 04242016

In Part 1, the story begins in Nineveh, Assyria 18 months before the decisive battle between Talmido’s group and the Babylonian Golden Lions army contingent. I introduce in part 1 the Emperor of Assyria and the King of Babylon to give more character to these rival nations. As we move forward in time we become witness to a massive build up of armies as a result of an alliance between neighboring nations of Elam to fight against Assyria and Babylon. This is due in part to Assyria stationing 250,000 troops along Elam’s northern border and moving 100,000 troops south towards the city Talmido and his men are constructing.

In Part 2, I analyze the motivations behind the Trilateral Perigee’s course of action while at the same time introducing the Annunaki and their overall mission. In particular I focus attention on two characters, Mardu-poe an Annunaki and Axheriem a Nreimhin species. I provide much more in-depth information on the structure of the Annunaki plans and the roles Homo-sapiens, Nreimhin and Sarous-astro-stis have to play. Additionally I introduce Mars into the equation and the pyramidal star gate structures found on the northern and southern 33rd parallels of Earth and Mars. I also explore the 14th dimension and its possible makeup and the quantum physics of the multidimensional beings. There are four main problems the multidimensional beings encounter; the situation with the five-skip-beat anomaly/sabotage discovered in book 1 that will eventually have catastrophic consequences for mankind, the development of conscience, the continued interference by the Trilateral Perigee and the Annunaki in Homo-sapiens and Sarous-astro-stis societal and individual enlightenment and the potential sequestering of the Authorial’s scientific findings, methodology, and scientists to a universe adjacent to the universe of mankind.

In Part 3, I take the reader back three million years from 1158 BC to the Mindroth galaxy where large segment of the Sarous-astro-stis, being lead by Ke-zith-rist the first being to be created by the Random Intelligence group from the 14th dimension, are in a titanic galactic struggle against a despotic empire viciously trying to exterminate the rebel factions. A new invention of such immense power is brought to the fore by a well known scientist trying to develop alternate energy sources however the empire captures him and forces him to build the most unthinkable machine the galaxy had ever known. The twists and turns of the story line delve into the macro and the micro side of warfare and the subsequent relationships developed and lost within this alien species.

In Part 4, the story comes back to Earth to the time period of 1156 BC with Talmido and Si-tatious busy organizing and recruiting people to build a new city at the estuary of the Tigris river and the Persian Gulf. The Elamite kingdom has sent 50,000 soldiers to provide protection and 20,000 men for labor. It is in this part of the book one of the most defining historical wars are fought. The war of 1155 BC decided to a certain degree the prevailing kingdoms, languages, peoples, cultures, laws, writings and art of the middle east that profoundly affected the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Spanish, French, British and Anglo-American empires. From that time forward written language became more distinct in its clarity and understanding, laws were developed with more rights given to the common man, cultures grew up due to better farming practices and innovations, astronomy and time were better understood and given voice through easier and more functional mathematics as well as the invention of zero and negative numbers. So, it is from this time forward that I explore the complexity of Talmido’s ability to live forever, never to get sick or old and his ability to rejuvenate his tissue if damaged and the ultimate emotional confluence of pain, loss, joy, happiness, anger and finally hate.

It is here that I leave you with the direction of the book and all the possible questions you may now be asking yourself. Once I have finished Parts 5, 6 and 7 I will appraise you of the continued basic story line and hopefully pique your interest enough for you to purchase book 2 and grant yourself a wild and expansionist ride of your imagination.


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