To Write a Novel – Issue #1

To write a novel is definitely a journey. It is not for the faint of heart or the disorganized. I decided to become an author in 2010 when I put the proverbial pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, to begin writing The Causality of Time. I let the creative imagination flow and out came forty-seven pages. By the time the forty-seventh page was finished life had caught up with me, and I shelved the story for five years. Yes, five years of distraction and disorganization.

I cannot stress enough the need for a writer/author to be focused and organized whether you are farming out the real writing to a ghostwriter or pounding the keys yourself. It starts first in your mind. A cluttered mind is the first step to a cluttered and frustrated life of writing. So, I found it necessary to clean out the mind and organize my thoughts about the subject matter and prioritization or work.

Here’s the structure I found to be useful:

Identify the sections, ie, genre, ideas, setting, time period, plot, characters, protagonist, antagonist, chapters, parts, notes, glossary, bibliography, character description, plot explanation, setting explanation and extraordinary items.


Decide the genre you will use for the specific story you want to write and start researching what works. Once you have identified the genre start putting together your notes on the setting, time period, plot and characters.

Start with an outline of the general direction you want to go in with the story also the main areas you want to focus on such as mystery, moral, violence, subjugation, wonder, adventure, etc.

In my next blog, I will share what an outline entails and looks like.


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