The Causality of Time – Book 2 – update on manuscript

I am now on page 143 of the first draft of the second novel in the series The Causality of Time. I am delving more into the build up of the Assyrian, Babylonian and Elamite military along each others borders. The eventual battle to come is actually recorded in historical texts so I decided to incorporate it into the story itself.

Additionally I am including a very interesting probability as announced by very reputable astronomers; the possibility of a ninth planet on an extremely long elliptical orbit of 76+ astronomical units. This planet intersects our solar system on a 20 degree angle to the solar orbit and crosses the Oort Cloud at the extreme outer limits of our solar system as it traverses around the sun to again move out to interstellar space.

In the second book I am filling out the multidimensional and biological alien species in a more robust manner not only in their makeup but also their agendas and purpose within the sphere of mankind’s intervention.

The pictures below are some of the ideas I am considering for the book cover. Please let me know which one appeals to you.

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