The Causality of Time – Book 1 introduction

This is a story of antiquity forgotten by most people of this 21st century however the hopes, dreams and aspirations are no less poignant for today. Has 3,000 years truly changed the nature of man? Have the questions we all ask ourselves been answered?

This story revolves around a man, Talmido, born in 1220 BC during the expansionist wars of the Assyrian Empire. He is given the ability to live forever, never to get sidk or old and the ability to regenerate his tissue if damaged.

As time moves forward Talmido witnesses the frailties of men and women with all of their love and hate, selfishness and selflessness and their ability to transcend above the greed and savage violence of that era to actions of benevolence and creative free will. The overpowering and continuous struggle for freedom and liberty is at the core of the story. All of Talmido’s experiences unfold to a backdrop of alien intelligence and intervention.

This is an alternate historical science fiction book. The first in a six book series called The Causality of Time. It is a quest for the freedom of choice and the liberty of free will.



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